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Lucky Lures - Newborn AIO

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This is a Newborn AIO with Pocket diaper fitting babies approximately 6-15lbs.  

Recent Changes

This product contains new wide back elastic, as well as tags on the inside.  

Dirty Closure Snaps

These allow for secure and sanitary storage of soiled diapers. Simply fold the diaper (similar to rolling a disposable diaper), then fasten the snaps securely. 

The snaps can also provide additional sizing options if needed.

Sewn-in Absorbency

Just like any other product from us, we are a microfiber-free shop. All our inserts are made of bamboo, and hemp/cotton blend. Our newborn AIO has 4 layer of absorbency. Add a 3 layer or 6 layer bamboo insert for extra absorbency. (Sold separately)

Athletic Wicking Jersey Material

Our jersey material is a light fabric that’s comfortable and helps keep your baby cool and dry, especially on those hot Texas summer days!

Tummy Panels

Our tummy panels feature a 2cm panel that keeps moisture away from your baby’s tummy.

Pocket Opening

The pocket opening allows for any newborn sized insert to be stuffed into the diaper for extra absorbency.