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Meet The Family & Our Story

Kaylee & Will became young parents in 2018 and then again in 2019. Will was working 12 hour days, while Kaylee stayed home to raise the babies. Trying to make more cost friendly choices, Kaylee started researching cloth diapers. At the time, R, the oldest, was 6 months old. Kaylee was also expecting, and knew the extra costs on replacing a disposable product would be beneficial to their family. They couldn't afford the initial upfront cost of cloth, so Kaylee bought small quantities off Amazon with each paycheck, and washing everyday until they had enough to go 2-3 days between washes. Kaylee saved up for more for her daughter by reselling baby clothes, budgeting, and being frugal. It was so rewarding when not only they had enough cloth diapers, but when they actually saw their bank account have a positive number, instead of negative. 

Kaylee started experiencing leaks and rashes with her son, and begin to trouble shoot why. Turns out, microfiber and microfleece were not the best option for a heavy wetting child, and microfleece and Texas didn't mix well. Kaylee began to imagine the "perfect" diaper and absorbency. In 2019, just 4 weeks after baby K was born, Kaylee started Texas Tushies. She designed her two main products and brought them to the market December of 2019. With much success, and sell outs pretty fast, Kaylee began working on her second and third orders of cloth diapers. Then covid hit. Everything came to a halt, but our third batch was already on the way. Upon arriving, there was a crisis for diapers. Kaylee sold out almost instantly. As you can imagine the rest, they grew into the company they are today. 

Kaylee still works from home, raising their youngest and still running TT. Will is a supervisor at UPS, and doesn't have to work more than 5-6 hours a day. 

We thank our customers everyday for the journey to get us here, and we are so happy to see families successfully using our carefully designed products. Please message us through our website if you have any questions, we are always happy to help!