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We love texas tushies, not only are the prints cute, and affordable they are handicap friendly. I’m not sure if that was intentionally but my husband has arthritis and can only help stuff texas tushies because of the way the pockets are designed. Truthfully I wish more brands did what you do but I’m thankful to have found this brand at the beginning of our cloth journey. - Kyoko

I have CD’d 4 children so far. I decided to acquire some AIO diapers for my stash for ease of use for hubby. I ordered a few NB size AIO diapers and fell in love. The fit is WONDERFUL, the absorbency is great, and the prints are so stinking cute on my little one’s behind. So I came back to order more… again and again and again. At this point, I’ll be replacing the majority of my stash with TT AIO OS. Thank you for such a quality product at such a great price. I cannot wait to get my newest order. - Kirstin

Can’t recommend this brand enough! The 6 layer inserts are perfection and the XL diapers are a perfect fit with room to grow for my chunky guy - Amber

Absolutely love our Texas Tushies!! These pocket diapers are great quality and were super easy to use for me as a first timer. The two snaps and trim fit make it easy to get a good fit and not be super bulky under clothes.We also love our Texas Tushies apparel and Bamboo jammies so happy to now be an affiliate for our favorite brand that is also based in Texas! - Cloth Diaper Anonymous

First time ordering cloth and inserts and I’m extremely please. With not only the quality, but the fast shipping! I’m excited to try them!! - Zoe

Frequently Asked

How many diapers do I need?

How many diapers do you change a day? How often do you want to wash your diapers?

If you change your child 6 times a day and want to wash every 4 days, you would need 24-30 cloth diapers.

What is an AIO?

AIO stands for All-In-One, meaning the diaper has absorbency sewn-in, attached to the diaper. This is convenient as no stuffing or prep work is required before usage. This product is often chosen for beginners.

How should I wash my diapers?

All soiled cloth diapers need at least two washes. The first wash rinses out most impurities, while the second wash ensures your diapers are fully cleaned. Use your heavy or bulky washer settings.

We recommend air drying or drying your diapers on low heat.

Can I use my diapers for multiple children?

Yes! Well taken care of diapers will last the average family at least 5 years. Talk about savings!

What are the main benefits?
  • Cost. Cloth diapers are much cheaper overall.
  • Environmental. Did you know it takes 500+ years for a disposable diaper to break down?
  • Natural. Babies that are cloth diapered experience less rashes and irritation.
  • Availability. Did your pack of diapers run out? No longer fits? Cloth diapers adjust to your babies size and because they are washable, you never run out.

Take A Look Inside

Slim Fit AIO


Slim Fit Pocket


Tiny Tushies Newborn AIO


Flex Fit Pocket


Get That Fit

  1. Extend the front panel snugly against babys waist and hip, above the thigh.
  2. Pull the upper tab around to prepare to snap the diaper
  3. Snap upper and lower snaps together
  4. Tuck extra fabric into the rise if used
  5. Fit check! No leg gaps is good. Diaper should be in babys underwear lines.
  6. There should be a small gap in front when baby lays down. This means the diaper isn't too tight in the waist.

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