Newborn 6 Layer Cloth Diaper Inserts

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Five layers of soft bamboo + one top layer of grey athletic wicking jersey.

11 inches by 4 inches before prepping

1,800 GSM 

The top layer of athletic wicking material doubles as a liner to prevent staining on the diapers. Lay the grey side towards your baby to act as a stain preventing liner. 

This insert can be placed inside the pocket or laid on top of the current absorbency in our Tiny Tushies Newborn AIO cloth diapers. 

After your child has outgrown newborn products, these inserts make excellent boosters in any of our pocket diapers and all-in-ones. 

Prep inserts by washing 6-8 times. You do not have to prep all at once, you can wash as little as one time before you begin using. Keep in mind the more times they are washed and dried, the more absorbent they will become. 

Edge lined in AWJ to prevent waving. Safe to dry on low. 

 No microfiber used