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Slim Fit - 6 layer Natural Fiber Cloth Diaper Inserts

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Slim Fit is the new name for One Size. Same blend as the previous One Size 6 layer inserts. Designed to fit Slim Fit/One Size diapers. 
Bamboo terry now on both sides, with a hemp/cotton core. Either side will be equally fast on collecting pee quickly.
Looking for an extremely absorbent insert? Look no further! This is our most popular insert blend.  The AWJ edge inserts are bacon resistant.
5.5 inches by 13.5 inches before washed
4 layers pure bamboo terry, 2 layers hemp/cotton.
2,120 GSM
Wash 6-8 times to reach maximum absorbency. No dries are necessary between washes. Tumble dry on low, or air dry for the best results. 
Now made with a new tag design! 

“Baconing” refers to inserts becoming wavy after wash/drying.